Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems offer early detection, provide audio & visual notification and dispatch the fire department. We install, inspect and monitor all types of fire alarm systems.

Megacity Fire is an authorized installer and service agent for Silent Knight and Fire-Lite fire alarm systems. In addition to installing non-proprietary fire alarm systems, Megacity Fire can service or repair any fire alarm system from any manufacturer. Our NICET certified staff can take your fire alarm installation from start to finish. Megacity Fire stays up-to-date on code requirements and is familiar with what the authority having jurisdiction requires during the permitting process. Megacity Fire can layout your new fire alarm system in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our licensed technicians can handle all types of services ranging from consulting, troubleshooting and repairs to code required inspections.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Megacity Fire provides fire and security monitoring to our customers through Emergency 24. This monitoring service can be accomplished through many different avenues. Phone lines have generally been the only way to communicate these signals. Megacity Fire now offers communicators that use IP connections and/or cellular backup. This flexibility allows customers to choose the right type of communicator that will best meet their needs. Under either scenario, the signals are transmitted to Emergency 24 and the proper action will be taken depending on the type of signal received. Customers can have the ability to check their signals online or even receive text messages about critical signals received. These options give customers the peace of mind that their facility is being protected 24 hours a day 365 days a year.