Kitchen Systems

High temperature cooking oils and high efficiency appliances create an increased risk for grease fires. Protect your employees, equipment and restaurant with a wet chemical fire suppression system.

Megacity Fire is an authorized installer and service agent for Ansul, Pyro-Chem, Amerex and Kidde kitchen fire suppression systems. Cooking appliances today allow for the potentially dangerous mixture of flammable oils and greases with high efficiency heat sources, creating an environment in which fire is always a threat. Ventilating systems deposit grease from exhausted vapors throughout the hood, filters and ducts. Electrical power and gas lines add fuel to the hazard area and must be shut off in the event of a fire. A properly installed and maintained UL 300 listed fire suppression system can help suppress a fire in a kitchen.

Pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression systems help protect the hood, duct and cooking appliances in the kitchen. When a fire starts, the detection network will detect a fire and release chemical throughout the hood and on the appliances. The fire extinguishing agent is a potassium carbonate-based water solution that helps suppress a fire. Also, a manual pull station can be used to release the chemical over the fire.