Security Systems

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your facility is protected by a security system installed by Megacity Fire. Our strengths include security systems, CCTV, card access and system integration.

Megacity Fire installs a wide range of security systems including intrusion detection, CCTV and card access. Megacity Fire can perform an evaluation of your facility and customize a complete security solution to meet your needs. Our services also include 24 hour central station monitoring as well as the ability to view and control aspects of your systems via an online browser or smart phone. Megacity Fire can also troubleshoot, repair or upgrade existing systems.

Security Monitoring

Megacity Fire provides fire and security monitoring to our customers through Emergency 24. This monitoring service can be accomplished through many different avenues. Phone lines have generally been the only way to communicate these signals. Megacity Fire now offers communicators that use IP connections and/or cellular backup. This flexibility allows customers to choose the right type of communicator that will best meet their needs. Under either scenario, the signals are transmitted to Emergency 24 and the proper action will be taken depending on the type of signal received. Customers can have the ability to check their signals online or even receive text messages about critical signals received. These options give customers the peace of mind that their facility is being protected 24 hours a day 365 days a year.